An experienced and trusted executive coach, consultant, and strategic advisor at C-suite level, Catherine is the founder and CEO of Andante Advisory Limited, a boutique consultancy firm which operates as a trusted partner to senior executives and leading organisations on Culture, People and Purpose.  

As the expectations of leaders have increased, so too has the challenge to attract talent and build a genuinely inclusive environment. Whether she is working with individuals, teams or groups, Catherine partners with her clients to help their people thrive.

As a coach, Catherine is noted for a deep business acumen combined with comprehensive leadership development expertise. She brings an understanding and lived experience of the realities of executive life in organisations, the challenges of leadership, and the importance of managing culture. She creates a warm, trust-based environment and builds deep connections quickly, guided by the client's needs, and delving into models and frameworks as appropriate.

As well as coaching senior executives, Catherine has significant experience in working with professional women as they navigate transitions during their parenthood journey, and has recently qualified as the UK’s first Fair Play facilitator. Fair Play is a revolutionary method which is changing society one partnership at a time, by coming up with a 21st-century solution to an age-old problem: women shouldering the brunt of domestic responsibilities, regardless of whether they work outside the home. The unequal emotional labor and “invisible work” in a relationship is a hot-button issue, but no one has offered a real solution to this dilemma, until now.

As Catherine is currently devoting the majority of her time to Phoenix Court, Andante is not currently taking on new clients.